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Program Statement

The National Graduate Seminar is a forum for the discussion and debate of cutting-edge issues of critical concern about photography.  The Seminar brings together 30 noted scholars, artists and critics with 20 emerging artists from graduate programs across the nation for an intensive two-week session. 

The objective is to provoke in-depth discussion about photography as an art form and to include more voices in that discussion.  It encourages a democratic approach to the consideration of photography and ensures the inclusion of women and minorities, whose voices are often absent from the dialogue.  A proceedings journal and post-Seminar projects ensure that students, artists and critics throughout the nation can take part. 

The National Graduate Seminar is the only forum of its kind in the field of photography.  All programs must be grant funded and 2002 will be the twelfth year we have implemented the National Graduate Seminar.  The International Photography Institute is a sponsored organization of the New York Foundation for the Arts.